Welcome to Rimrock, Montana

Home of the Montana Men and the women who tame them

Hi Readers,

Welcome to my Jaydyn Chelcee website. Make yourself at home, feel free to browse around. The Montana Men are absolute hunks, and I think you'll find you love them as much as I do. There are six books in this series with a spinoff series set in Australia. Keep an eye out for Book 1 of "The Men of the Outback" series, entitled A Hard Man. Those of you familiar with the series know this will be the story of Jace's cousin, Raider Remington, and Sabrina. I hope you'll continue to follow the Remingtons and their long journeys to finding true love.

Remember, I also write under another pen name, Tabitha Shay. You can find Tabitha at tabithashay.com.

Happy Reading,

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